Buying and selling

Choosing competent and flexible professionals with proven results over years of experience is the most important choice

Customer satisfaction is fundamental for us.

Our goal is to create a relationship of trust and to support our customers in every aspect of the sale. The reliability of our processes and the professionalism of our team are the guarantees sought by our customers, people and companies, who want to rely on a qualified partner able to support them in their choices.

Real estate transactions are one of the few transactions that involve multiple documents to be examined and the intermediation of a prudent real estate agent.

Our Team, after years of experience, works in parallel on two fundamental aspects:

1) Technical: before putting the property up for sale, we evaluate the marketability with the support of our professionals who are responsible for examining and ensuring the cadastral urban planning compliance;

2) Commercial: we examine the documents, compile a technical sheet by touching the different evaluation elements, we carry out photographic reports, we enhance the property by creating floor plans, proposing ideas for furniture and planning a detailed marketing plan, as well as advertising on the main real estate sites and promoting sales through targeted newsletters.

The excellent synergy of these two points guarantees us the efficiency and effectiveness that the customer desires.

We are therefore able to accompany you in all phases:

●  correct and congruous valuation of your property

●  verification of completeness and document compliance

●  retrieval and presentation of building and cadastral practices

●  verification and possible drafting of energy performance and plant certifications

●  advertising promotion on the main Networks with dedicated windows that guarantee maximum visibility

●  creation of floor plans

●  furnishing project to enhance its potential

●  possible interior design and design with Home Staging and 3D Rendering

●  bills of quantities and estimates of restructuring, offering our advantageous partnerships with companies and material suppliers

●  post-contractual activities


The testimonials of our loyal customers are the greatest confirmation that the path we are following is the right one. We are waiting for you! Discover the testimonies!



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