Friendly and very helpful. The studio is beautiful.
All staff very well trained and skilled.

Rocco B. - 25/11/2022

Good morning Mrs. Cinzia, the venture lived together in these months is finally concluded positively. I really want to thank you and your staff for all the very professional work done, and for all for the infinite patience you have used with me, as well as for the sympathy and cordiality constantly shown. I wish you all a future with all the success you deserve.

Rocco B. - 25/11/2022
We found ourselves very well with IO CASA: professionalism, availability and sympathy. The Staff, "the Boss" at the first place, very prepared and very valid external collaborators!
In short .... I give you the keys ... and IO CASA take care of the rest, you know how!

MariaLaura S. - 18/10/2022

The success of the sale of the small apartment in Via Mecenate makes us reflect on the effectiveness of your collaboration. We were able to appreciate your availability and your attentions in the face of our inability to move to Milan due to Covid, and the patience you have shown in the face of our very low technological aptitude. All this is called professionalism. We therefore want to express our most heartfelt thanks to the whole team and wish you a year full of satisfactions.

Matilde and Angelo C. - 31/01/2022

Great service for an international customer, on time paperwork help and accommodation help! I'm grateful to Io Casa Immobiliare for the great service and willingness to do their job as seriously as possible

Nicolae C. - 07/01/2022

Our experience with Io Casa Immobiliare has been absolutely positive. Cinzia and all the staff have shown professionalism and humanity during all phases of the sale, even in the most critical ones. Cinzia proved to be very helpful and kind: she allowed us to visit the property several times, responded promptly to every request and showed empathic skills and flexibility during the period following the purchase proposal, in the most critical period of the request for mutual. Furthermore, the ability to mediate with the seller was really appreciable. I believe that the human aspect and communication skills are the strong point of this team. Absolutely positive experience.

Antonio M. - 12/10/2021

Bought a house with Io Casa Immobiliare. I found them very professional, and very good at managing all the steps, courteous and super helpful. A friend recommended this agency to me, and I must say it was excellent advice. Thanks!

Lucio R. - 07/07/2021

Serious agency, I found myself very well. In the area it is definitely the best! I recommend it

Alessandro G. - 15/02/2021

Extremely pleasant collaboration! We had multiple issues throughout the process but the agency was very supportive at all times. The staff is pleasant, reliable and supportive. Highly recommended!

Ana N. - 06/01/2021

Buying a house was a challenging event, both economically and emotionally, for me. I relied on Io Casa and I had a great time, not only professional but they also helped me to live the purchase peacefully! Thanks

Tiziana G. - 08/04/2020

Great agency! Professional, competent and kind. They sold us a house in a short time, they did their utmost to solve all kinds of problems independently. Absolutely recommended. The best agency met in our life! Bravo!

Alessandra B. - 05/12/2019

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