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Every day we meet people who tell us their stories, and it is through these stories that we learn aobut their needs related to a change of life, the loss of a loved one, the joy of a future together.

What comes naturally to us is to support the people who turn to us, in a human journey that is called Home.

We are close to him in the most delicate moments that accompany the sale or purchase of a house; in the first experience of a rental, perhaps of a house previously lived by them or their family; in renting a house that will see them away from their loved ones; an investment ...

We see the joy in the eyes of our customers, but also the fear that change can bring.

We are there, we are always next to them with a smile, for advice, a word of comfort when they feel agitated, because this is our world that we know very well.

It is a world that we have chosen because we like it, we love the idea of ​​being close to people and helping them thanks to our experience gained in the field for the past 25 years.

We are able to support them at every stage, from our first meeting to the signature that will see them as protagonists, but even beyond ..

We like to maintain relationships with our customers who find in us a consolidated point of reference.

Each customer is for us like a beautiful book to discover which is called life and we like to think that part of those pages can be 'lived' together.

Customers who rely on us, whether they be a private individual or a company, are sure to relate to serious, experienced, helpful and reliable professionals.

What Io Casa offers its customers is something that not everyone has, it is respect for others, it is understanding, it is the right value that each individual should receive ...

Io Casa is all this and much more.

Come and discover the world of Io Casa, we will be happy to meet you and give you our best smile!




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